Top 10 Flight Essentials You Always Forget


Hi everyone!

Today I’ve decided to share with you my flight essentials. I can’t emphasise the number of times that I’ve forgotten to pack crucially important things and only realise when we get to the airport. Often it’s not until we board the plane that I realise I’ve forgotten to pack something in my handbag that I really need. By that time, of course, it’s too late.

So in order to prevent you from suffering with this tiresome ordeal, I’ve put together a list of things that I very often forget to put in my handbag but come in incredibly handy during long-haul flights. (I’m actually writing this post on the plane back from holiday because I can’t sleep! Although it will be Thursday by the time I upload this.)

Anyway without further ado, here are my top 10 essentials for flights!


I don’t know about you, but my lips get super super dry when flying, so carrying a lip balm for me is of utmost importance. I personally keep a Vaseline handy at all times because otherwise I end up licking my lips (which in turn dries them out more…)

2. Hand Cream
Similar to the first one, I also find that my hands sometimes get dry and itchy (though not as much as my lips) so I like to carry some hand cream with me. It also makes them smell nicer after a long flight!

3. Empty Water Bottle

I know liquids cannot be taken past the check-in point, but that’s not to say you can’t take an empty water bottle. I then fill it up after I get past security and take it with me on the flight. I know they provide water on the plane but it’s very little and I don’t like annoying the air hostesses…

4. Glasses and Contact Lens Case

If you are a contact lens wearer and you wear contacts on long flights… Why? How do you do it? My eyes get so dry (hmm, there seems to be a recurring theme here…) and 100% of times I made the foolish mistake of wearing contacts whilst flying, I’ve regretted it. That’s why I prefer to carry my contacts with me so I can put them in/ take them out if I feel the need. I generally wear contacts all the time, but they’re such a hassle on the plane. Oh, and you can’t sleep with them in. I actually got an eye infection from that on my holiday last year… but that’s another story. Bottom line: don’t wear them.

5 . Hand Sanitizer

If you are one of those people who can wear contacts whilst flying, then it’s useful to carry hand sanitizer so you can clean your hands before taking them out or putting them in. You might not always have the facilities to wash your hands, so it’s best to be prepared. Besides, it makes you feel a lot better and fresher cleaning your hands, especially if you’re travelling a long way and having a shower is out of the question

6. A Book!

Call me strange but I often get tired of using the in-flight entertainment system and constantly looking at a screen. It strains my eyes (she says, looking at a screen on a plane.) But really, we went on holiday to Abu Dhabi over the Easter break and I took my English revision with me in my handbag. I got through the whole of Jekyll and Hyde and Romeo and Juliet – rereading and recapping themes, character, plot etc. over the 7 hour flight. And I got 9s in both English Lit and Language GCSE. 😉

Seriously though, I’m not saying revise on the plane, I’m just saying that you can be productive and it will while away the hours. 🙂

7. Tissues

Oh my goodness. It’s ridiculous the number of times I forget tissues. Being the clumsy person I am, I sometimes spill stuff and have to resort to cleaning with my hand. Don’t argue with me on this one – tissues are a must.

8. Hairbrush

After being on a plane for 10 hours, I get off looking an absolute mess, resembling something out of The Walking Dead. Because I always forget my hairbrush. Such an easy item to carry, but equally easy to carry. Don’t make the same mistake!

9. Toothbrush…?!

May just be me but I cannot stand that nasty taste you get in your mouth when you haven’t eaten in a while… or when you’ve eaten cheese & onion crisps right before your flight. Top tip: Don’t do that. I also have braces so it is pretty much necessary that I clean my teeth frequently. Even if I don’t brush over the course of the journey, at least I have it handy so I can as soon as I get home.

10. Wireless charger

I honestly don’t know what it is, but my phone discharges so quickly when I’m travelling! Or it seems to because I’m forever trying to connect to free Wi-fi. Most likely the latter. Anyway, not all airports have charging stations (that work) or you might not find any sockets to plug your charger into so it is always useful to carry a portable charger.

There you have it! My personal handbag essentials when travelling. I also like to carry moisturiser but my skin doesn’t dry out that quickly so it isn’t really that much of a necessity for me.

What is most important to you when travelling? Comment and let me know!

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Hebah xx

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37 Replies to “Top 10 Flight Essentials You Always Forget

  1. As someone who loves to travel but has huge anxiety to be on the plane, these tips are very helpful. Very simple but smart at the same time, especially about the empty water bottle. And I always bring books with me too so I have the choice of reading or other form of distracting myself. I’ll be looking forward to hearing more tips like this from you!

    -Girl Conquers World

  2. Some really good tips! These are all things you could easily forget, I’ll be bookmarking this for any future aeroplane trips. The empty water bottle is a good tip, saves you having to buy overpriced water from the departure lounge shops x

  3. These are really helpful tips! I always bring a full bottle and stupidly have to bin it every time, but I’m glad you’ve said to bring an empty one as I’d do this in the future! x

  4. Great list of tips. I particular like the water bottle idea. I agree, they give you so little and it’s easier to just have a bottle with you. Fantastic idea!

  5. All of these you’ve mentioned are also on my essential list but most importantly is my neck pillow.. Those airplane seats (economy) are never comfortable for sleeping and the little pillows they give just doesn’t work so until I start flying business class, my pillow is going everywhere with me.

  6. GIRL, I’m literally going to pin this and read it every time I go on the plane. I ALWAYS forget chapstick AND gum!! I’ll be getting ready to rumble in my seat and realize I don’t have gum to pop my ears when I’m up in the sky!

  7. I have flying anxiety, so for me it’s necessary to have something to help calm me down. I took my anti-anxiety and calming essential oil inhalers with me on my flight over the summer, and I think it helped some. At least I didn’t have a panic attack like the last time I flew. Music really helped calm me down as well.

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