Meeting Louise Pentland?! + Wilde Like Me Review

The Cheltenham Literature Festival is an amazing event that takes place during October every year, in which a huge selection of writers (around 1,000 this year!) speak about their various books and novels. This event is targeted at all ages – from children to young adults to the elderly – and there are also a wide range of activities available, including quizzes

In late September, I discovered that Louise Pentland would be attending and decided immediately that I would be attending too. For those of you who don’t know Louise… where have you been?! She is a YouTuber, blogger and mother… and has recently become an author too. Louise released her first book ‘Wilde Like Me’ earlier this year and is currently working on the next book in the series.

Louise’s talk, which took place on Sunday, involved an informal, very honest interview, followed by her answering questions from the audience. She touched on some controversial topics – politics and ghost-writing – as well as some not-so-serious ones – like the time she interviewed Ed Miliband! I really enjoyed hearing her opinions in person… it was especially enlightening to discover that she has a deep-rooted affection for Princess Diana and the Royal Family!

And of course, she discussed her book, Wilde Like Me. It was particularly interesting to hear Louise’s experience with being a first-time author, her personal favourite part of the book. Louise discussed what she felt ‘the Emptiness’ (a feeling Robin experiences often in the book) to be – a deflated feeling where nothing seems to make you happy, and how much her book was influenced by her own life.

Much to my delight, we got the opportunity to get our books signed and get a photo taken with her which was pretty surreal after having watched her videos on YouTube for so many years! She came across to me as a really genuine and naturally funny person and the whole experience was amazing from start to finish.



Wilde Like Me follows the story of single mother, Robin Wilde who loves her daughter more than anything else in the world and wants to be the perfect mother. Throughout the course of the book she battles issues with her self-confidence as a result of both the people around her and her own self-esteem.

Louise’s personality literally screams at you through this book – you will notice this too, I’m sure, if you do read the book! Whilst being serious in places, there is a strong sense of humour that will make you laugh, as well as moments that will make you ‘aww’. The informative narrative made it feel a lot more personal and that was something that I really did like about this novel.

To sum up, I would say this book was an easy-going read, perfect for a more relaxed read. It wasn’t one of those ‘I-literally-cannot-put-this-book-down’ type of books but I do enjoy a chic lit occasionally.

Considering that this is Louise’s first book, I think it was decent as an easy-going novel and I do especially appreciate the fact that she stayed true to herself – it made the book seem so natural, although admittedly it seemed to drag on at points.

So I would say that if you’re going for a light, breezy read, go for it! Otherwise you may not enjoy it so much.

Do let me know what are your thoughts on the book if you decide to read it!

Hebah X

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  1. How great that you got too meet her! I don’t know much about Louise (I’ve only ever watched 1 or 2 of her videos) but it must be amazing to meet somebody who you look up too xx

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