Sweater Weather + Hidden Pearls Hijab Review

*The products featured in this post were sent to me by Hidden Pearls for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

I know it’s not quite winter yet, but the mornings have slowly been getting colder and colder! Which obviously means that it’s time to get the chunky sweaters out after their long period of hibernation. Hence the heavy presence of knitwear in this post. Oh… and just a disclaimer: the cat in these photos doesn’t actually belong to me but kept getting in the way! Not complaining though… I love cats.

Hebah Pervaiz | Hidden Pearls

Anyhow, the purpose of this post is not to declare my fondness for cats. Hidden Pearls very kindly sent me a couple of their headscarves to try out and share with you all. As well as a wide variety of hijabs, Hidden Pearls sell all kinds of gifts and accessories, including themed boxes aimed at everyone, from parents and friends to new Muslims. There are hijab gift sets available, along with scented candles together with a handy gift wrap service! See the full range by clicking here.

Hebah Pervaiz | Pearl Chiffon Hijab - Hidden Pearls

Limited Edition Pearl Chiffon Hijab

The hijab featured above is the Limited Edition Pearl Chiffon Hijab, which I chose to get in the colour Rosewood just because it’s such a lovely autumnal colour! This particular hijab actually remained pretty securely on my head which was a pleasant surprise. Most chiffon scarves have a tendency to slip (even with an underscarf!) and this is the first one I’ve encountered that doesn’t.  Also chiffon is fairly transparent which means you have to layer it… a lot. Hidden Pearls’ Chiffon Hijab is thicker than most, so you can get away with just two layers. I find the pearl trim adds an edge of sophistication to it, so it would be perfect for more formal events – especially this rich red colour. This is part of the chiffon range which you can check out here.

Hebah Pervaiz | Lace Hijab - Hidden Pearls

Lace Hijab

The other product Hidden Pearls sent me is the Lace Hijab in Tan Brown. This is my favourite out of the two – mostly because beige is my go-to colour when it comes to headscarves. Most of my hijab collection comprises of neutral shades but I don’t think you can ever have too many! The lace border of this scarf is what really attracted me to it. Most lace hijabs that I’ve come across have very slim lace panels that are not visible at all, whereas this one is really striking. This gives it an elegant, almost feminine look, especially when coupled with the tassels… I personally love it! It is also wide enough that you can fold it in half quite comfortably and is the perfect length. See the different colours available here!

You can get 15% off by entering my code HEBAH15 at checkout which is valid anytime with the exception of Black Friday, when there’s a 50% off sale. Do let me know if you decide to purchase anything from Hidden Pearls – I’d love to hear what you think about their products. Follow me on Instagram to see more photos!


22 Replies to “Sweater Weather + Hidden Pearls Hijab Review

  1. Loving the Tan Lace Hijab 😍👌🏼

    The Chiffon Hijab looks great too! I can never get the hang of chiffon in general, but it’s great that the chiffon one didn’t move out of place ☺️

  2. The lace hijab is definitely my favorite one too. The color is so lovely but it’s the lace detailing and the fringe that I really like. Great review!

  3. I love both of these! That tan color is gorgeous, I’ve never felt like I can pull it off so I’ll just have to make do admiring how amazing it looks on you!

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