My Travel Blogger Picks: In the Spotlight #2

It’s time for another instalment of In The Spotlight! If you haven’t already read my first post in this series, it was a round-up of my favourite lifestyle bloggers for the month. This month, I will be sharing with you a selection of amazing travel bloggers that I have discovered recently.

HEBAH PERVAIZ - In The Spotlight #2

Sweetly shan

Though she blogs about music and lifestyle too, a lot of Shan’s content is based around travel. As well as featuring beautiful photography, Shan’s blog consists of detailed accounts about her holiday experiences. Although I love reading them, well-written holiday accounts always make me feel so impatient about finishing education so I can travel!  Shan’s post about her trip to America is one of my favourite posts on her blog – those photos from the Grand Canyon are truly magnificent. Another destination to add to my constantly growing ‘Places to Visit’ list…

HEBAH PERVAIZ - In The Spotlight #2

Food and baker travels

I know content is more important than aesthetics, but I adore the layout of this blog. Clean, organised and easy to navigate. And the logo is so cute too! Jessica and James write about their experiences in different countries as well as sharing travel-related tips and advice based on their personal experiences. I’m in awe of the extensive travelling they have done! They also have a YouTube channel where they vlog their adventures – which you can visit here.

HEBAH PERVAIZ - In The Spotlight #2

Grab Your Camera

Another beautiful website with a beautiful colour scheme and an equally beautiful header. The content is just as engaging as the stunning photogaphy – you can totally tell that Claire has a degree in photography! Claire has recently quit her job and is jetting off to Australia, believe it or not! I hugely admire her bravery and am super excited to see what she gets up to and where freelancing takes her. Make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up to date on her adventures. I can assure you that her feed will not disappoint. *heart eyes*


Hebah Pervaiz - Fabueleuse du Jour


Fabuleuse du Jour

Again, this blog features posts about fashion and beauty as well as travel. Sinéad’s blog is all about finding and celebrating the good things about each day which I think is a really lovely idea, especially as we have a tendency to focus on the negatives. (I’m definitely guilty.) One post I found particularly interesting on her site was about Self-Travel. I would really love to travel in the future but the idea scares me as much as it excites me, so I found reading Sinead’s experiences reassuring and encouraging.


Hebah Pervaiz - Astrid Kaniele

Astrid Kaniele

Astrid is a travel blogger living in Australia. And I’m going to be honest, her blog makes me want to pack a suitcase and go travelling right now. My favourite post on her site is about ways you can record your travels, which features some great ideas as to how you can make your experiences more memorable. Definitely worth a read if you’re going on holiday this December I enjoyed reading about Astrid’s trip to Taiwan too, especially finding out about the different foods she ate. As much as I love the idea of travelling, I’m not sure if I’d be brave enough to try different cuisines!


Stay tuned for another post at the end of December/ start of January, where I will be sharing with you my favourite beauty bloggers. If you fall into this niche, please leave your links on this tweet and you may feature in the next post. I’m not quite over the fact that it will be 2018 by that time… I know I’m not the first person to say it but really, where did 2017 go?!

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