My Goals for 2018: Lifestyle, Mindset and Blogging

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This is a few days late but still, happy new year everyone! I don’t really ever make resolutions for the New Year, nor do I set myself goals. When I do, they’re so generic that they don’t end up working out. Like last year I decided that I would ‘be healthier’ without actually thinking about what that would entail. So I wasn’t disappointed that it didn’t happen, because I didn’t take it seriously enough. This year though, I want to make goals that are more specific and therefore attainable. I don’t know about you guys, but having something to work towards really helps drive me.

Let me know your goals for the new year in the comments!


New Year - Hebah Pervaiz


1. Focus on what matters

Lately, I feel as if I’ve been neglecting what actually matters and giving too much attention to things that are not that significant at all. Because I’ve been working almost every day, I’ve been spending whatever little free time I have working on my blog, or on social media. This has just resulted in me feeling stressed and overwhelmed because I haven’t spent much time talking to my friends and family and have purely been focussing on work. I’ve finally realised that this isn’t healthy and it makes me feel unhappy when I’m writing and it often manifests in content that I’m not satisfied with either. In the coming year, I will prioritise those important to me over everything else, and make sure I balance work and fun more healthily.


2.  DO MORE.

Often when I sit down to write, I end up on social media. And I end up wasting hours on it without even realising. It’s such a waste of time and I regret it afterwards because nothing productive ever comes out of it. In fact, with Instagram I only come off it feeling a bit rubbish about myself after scrolling through endless pictures of people’s supposedly perfect lives.

I’m going to make an effort to limit the time I spend on social media and instead spend that time writing. I actually put up a bunch of framed quotes on my wall in the hope that they will motivate and remind me to keep pushing on. In particular, I really want to post consistently and stay on top of things. If I’m not in the right zone to write, I want to be reading and engaging with other bloggers’ content. In 2018, I would love to discover more bloggers that I relate to and share more of your content (as well as continue with my In The Spotlight posts)… we could all do with supporting each other more!


3. Appreciate the little things

At times, I struggle to be grateful for everything I am blessed to have and I acknowledge it. 2018 will insha’Allah be a year where I complain less and think of those less privileged than me. Rather than moan about the things I don’t have, I’m going to try my hardest to appreciate what I am blessed with and make an active effort to be be thankful for it.

Peacocks Supplies - Hebah Pervaiz

I’m going to use this cute little mug sent to me very kindly by Peacock Supplies to serve as a reminder for me to practice Sabr and Shukr – Arabic for ‘patience’ and ‘thankfulness’. These are two qualities I know that I am lacking in and so I am trying to build upon them. You can buy the mug in the photo above here, or visit Peacock Supplies to see the full range of their products. By the way, you can get 10% off with the code HEBAH10 at checkout!


4. Step out of my comfort zone!

I’ve thought about starting a blog so many times in the past, but it wasn’t till this year that I actually decided to go ahead and do it. And I’m so grateful with where that has taken me already. I’ve been able to work with some amazing brands and meet some inspiring people. It was perhaps the bravest thing I have done this year, and I’m so glad I did it. I’m going to make the most of every opportunity and be confident. After all, what’s the worst that could happen?


5. Take better care of myself

Towards the end of this year, I put myself under too much pressure by trying to post twice a week in spite of everything else I had on. I realise now that I also agreed to do too many guest posts and reviews. I’m only going to take on only a reasonable amount of work that I know I can get done without sacrificing my well-being because that is, ultimately, the most important thing. Having said that though, I’m looking forward to developing my blog further and working with more blogs and brands that I love. I think I might do a separate post about my blogging goals specifically.

As well as my mental health, I’d like to work on improving my physical health by exercising more regularly and improving my diet. Rather than snacking continually (as I have a habit of doing), I’d like to eat more filling but nutritious meals. I want to spend at least a couple of hours exercising on the weekends, and walk as much as I can. It’s easy enough to say but much harder to implement though, isn’t it?!


There you have it – my five big goals for 2018! Thank you all for reading and good luck to those of you going back to school, college or work this week.

31 Replies to “My Goals for 2018: Lifestyle, Mindset and Blogging

  1. Some of your goals are definitely similar to mine. I feel like I need to take things slower and just appreciate the day instead of rushing to get tasks done.

  2. These are all things I completely relate to! I am trying to priorities my friends and family this year too-everything that makes me happy and Im also trying to be more content with where I am at! I love your blog so much lovely and your pictures here are fab!

    Emily xx

  3. I love your goals! Mine are pretty basic because I always set myself insane goals that I can never complete so just, drink more water, do more each day, stop biting my nails (this is a serious one that I need to fix), ect.

  4. Great goals, Happy 2018!! 2. Do More is definitely something I want to achieve, I always find myself getting side tracked by social media and have opted to turn off my notifications, let’s see how that goes… Best of luck with these xx

  5. These are some great goals. One of mine is to be healthy. Which is really generic, but I want to stop snacking on crisps and I would also like to exercise more. I agree with the social media bit – it is so easy to feel jealous of other people’s social media!

  6. You set some great goals for yourself! 😊 I totally feel you on the neglecting people a bit because you’re always working and the ‘wasting’ hours on social media haha. 🙈 I hope you achieve all your goals for this year!

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