Favourite Bloggers of 2017 : In The Spotlight #3

Welcome to the first In The Spotlight post of 2018. Because it’s the beginning of a new year, I decided to make this post slightly different to my usual In The Spotlight posts. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you bloggers from all niches – but all whom I adore for very different reasons. If you haven’t yet, be sure to follow me on Instagram where I regularly share my favourite bloggers at the moment on my story!


Beth Louise - Hebah Pervaiz

I remember following Beth really early on when I started blogging. She blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and has an absolutely amazing, friendly personality – I don’t know why she isn’t on YouTube yet! Beth’s tweets are always so relatable and her Instagram story is incredibly entertaining to watch. I highly suggest that you follow her on Instagram for photos of her blinding highlight and regular updates on the occasional dramas in her life.



PAE Reviews - Hebah Pervaiz

Erika has to be one of the most supportive people in the Blogosphere. And I’m not just saying this because she regularly shares my blog posts on Twitter, I promise! XD If you haven’t checked out her mE project yet, it is something you need to do as soon as you get the time. I’ve discovered some really great bloggers through that series of hers. Erika’s content is always so thoughtful and inspiring – definitely worth a read.



Lydia Elise Millen - Hebah Pervaiz

How could Lydia not be on my list? I love reading both her blog and watching her YouTube videos. Her writing always feels so genuine and that’s what really attracted me to her blog – as well as how beautiful it is. 😅 Lydia’s Instagram feed is sheer perfection – I mean, did you see that wedding dress?! I adore her sense of style and seeing her outfit photos on her blog. Although I love her fashion-related content, I have to admit that I like her chatty life updates and thoughtful posts even more because her radiant personality really shines through in them.



Abbey Louisa Rose - Hebah Pervaiz

I remember someone sending me a link to one of Abbey’s posts a while ago when I was struggling with the Instagram algorithm and I found it so useful, I spent the next hour browsing through her blog.! Her writing is so engaging – she has a way of making everything sound interesting! I enjoy her chatty posts and more informative posts equally but one of my favourites is I Too Lack Confidence, in which she addresses one of the misconceptions many bloggers seem to face.



Laura AIMH - Hebah Pervaiz

I am so glad I came across Laura’s blog when I did. Besides being a downright lovely person, she shares some of the most informative tips over on her site. I can honestly say that I’ve learnt a lot of things from her site that I’ve now implemented into my own… or am trying to. As a relatively new blogger, Laura’s guides to Sponsored Posts and Pinterest were insanely helpful for me when I knew nothing about how to use social media to boost my blog’s traffic or what the right amount was to charge for sponsored content. Whether or not you’re new to blogging, I can guarantee you’ll learn something new on Laura’s blog.


It has now been over four months since I became part of this community and I’m glad to have got to know such amazing people. I look forward to finding even more new blogs that I enjoy this year!

Let me know who your favourite bloggers are in the comments – I’m always keen to discover new content.




18 Replies to “Favourite Bloggers of 2017 : In The Spotlight #3

  1. Thank you so so much for featuring me and for your kind words about my content – I’m so glad that the Instagram post was helpful and that my post on confidence struck a chord with you! Good on you for sharing all of these positive vibes, we need lots more of them in the blogosphere!

    Abbey ❤️

  2. I agree with all of these!! If I’m ever unsure about something Laura is always one of the first places I head, as it’s almost guaranteed she’ll have an incredibly helpful post about whatever I’m struggling with!!xx

  3. I absolutely love Lydia’s style! Erika is lovely, she’s so supportive and positive ☺️

    Will definitely be checking out some of the other bloggers on here.

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