15.03.2018 || Introducing My Project

Before beginning my project, I will set out my objectives and plan out my workload in order to make the project more manageable. This will also ensure I know what I am working towards, and so I have clear aims in mind.

To start with, I will list what I hope to achieve from this project. My current, working title is ‘To what extent does the use of big data analytics exacerbate poverty?’



  1. Form a judgement on whether the use of data analytics worsens poverty.
  2. Consider the implications of the use of big data analytics on people of different socioeconomic statuses.
  3. Research further into the algorithms that make up data analytics software.
  4. Look at current examples of uses of data analytics and real-world examples.
  5. Weigh up the positive and negative effects of big data analytics to form an overall judgement.
  6. Consider the world before big data analytics and compare to the present day.
  7. Compare statistics to uncover any underlying trends/ correlations between the increased use of big data analytics and poverty.


I have outlined below some of the points I wish to discuss in my project based on my research thus far. However, I will add to this as I continue to research, based on the relevance of my research.

Content breakdown – My ideas so far

  • The world before big data analytics
  • Algorithms used in big data
    • Is there such a thing as ‘racist’ algorithms?!
  • Big data boom – statistics
  • UK poverty statistics
  • Policing and big data
  • Healthcare/ medical data
  • Employment prospects
  • Our lives online – personalisation etc.


Questions that i need to answer

I will address these in my research.

  • How much has big data changed the world we live in so far?
  • Who is affected by big data analytics?
  • How much benefit has it done to our world? Look at impact on businesses, governments and consumers.
  • What are the flaws with big data analytics systems that we have in place already?
  • How are the poor affected by big data analytics?
  • Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?
  • Based on its impact so far, how will analytics affect us in the future?
  • Will it continue to widen the gap between the rich and the poor?
  • If so, how can this be prevented?



I have put together a table of the work I need to do, along with deadlines and problems that I may come across.

Work to do How will this be done? Expected outcome When will this be completed by? Possible problems Solutions to problems
Research on the topic (points of research outlined under ‘Objectives’ heading) Reading books, academic journals, articles etc. More comprehensive understanding of the topic with a better idea of the points I will address in my project 01/04/2018

(Two weeks from now)

I may forget about information I read and my thoughts on it during my research.

This may not be enough time to read as wide a range of sources as possible.

I may forget the sources I use.

As I read and research, I will keep a hand book of my thoughts and any new information and do a write-up about the source in the form of my blog post so I can refer back to it later.

Though I would like to complete the majority of my research during this period, I will still allow time for research when I have ‘officially’ started my project, in order to consolidate points or if I decide the points are unsuitable etc.

Again, I will keep a record of the sources I use with proper citation with my write-up in case I choose to incorporate it in my project.

Gather raw data and statistics Looking at online UK (government) records? Compilation of data on various poverty-related measures within the UK. 04/04/2018 Finding reputable sources

Drawing correlations between the increased use of big data and poverty, as there are countless factors that determine poverty

I will check where the information came from and whether the source is valid.

It is very difficult to find out how much the data is affected by one specific variable. Therefore I will simply make a note of this and keep this in mind if I use any statistics in my work.

Draw up plan of action for the next stages (structure of project, more focussed points to address) based on research so far Put together a table similar to this one with a list of the next stages. Hopefully a more secure idea of exactly which ideas and concepts I will be discussing in my project, which sources I will be using, which data I will use and a clearer idea of the direction of my project. 07/04/2018 I may change my mind on ideas if I decide they are unsuitable (i.e. do not lend much insight to my project or are not relevant to my hypothesis). I may also need to add more based on further research. I will keep this open to any changes I choose to make based on further research/ relevance of points etc. However I will make sure to justify any changes I choose to make in my online log.


I will reflect on each task once I have completed it in terms of what I had hoped to achieve and what I have managed to achieve, and discuss the problems I faced and how I overcame them.


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