My GCSE Grades, Regrets and More | Q&A: Study Edition

Following on from my post about revision earlier this week, I thought it would be a good idea to do a Q&A. Specifically a study-themed Q&A, to make it even more fun! But in all seriousness, thanks to those of you who sent me questions to answer. This post would – quite literally – have not been possible without you. I’ve split them up into sub-categories and thrown in a few photos to make it look a little nicer.

Q&A: Study Edition - HEBAH PERVAIZ


How did you revise English literature?

With some difficulty! It’s one of those subjects that’s super time-consuming, but I found Litcharts and Sparknotes useful for analysis, though I don’t recommend that you solely rely  on them! I suggest reading through poems/ novels yourself and annotating them with your own ideas which will get you marks for ‘personal response’ if you explain your line of thought and context well. I also learnt quotes from all the key moments and characters in the books… but what I felt helped most was attempting practice questions in timed conditions.


Is there anything you regret (GCSE options, grades, revision etc.)?

Not especially in terms of grades and revision – although I do wish I had maintained a better sleep schedule! Realistically though, I know that it wouldn’t have happened… One small regret I do have is taking Textiles for GCSE instead of Economics, but what’s done is done.


How many GCSEs have you done?



What grades did you get in your GCSEs? … x5

I always tell everyone 12 A*s and 1 A but here is a full breakdown: three 9s, one A* with distinction, eight A*s and one A. The A was in Textiles… see why I wish I hadn’t taken it? Ah well, I did the best I could.


What GCSEs did you do?

English Lit, English Lang, Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Textiles, History, Computing, German, Urdu and Religious Studies!


Were there any subjects you revised for more?

This doesn’t technically count as revision, but I spent much, much more time on my Textiles coursework than anything else. Other than that, not really.




What subjects are you doing? 😊

Maths, Physics, Computing and Economics. And potentially an EPQ?


What’s your favourite subject?

Maths right now, but it changes almost every week.


Love the blog 🙂 How much work do you do when you get home from school?

Thank you! I do the homework I get set, and if I’ve finished a topic, I’ll write up revision notes for it. Other than that I work on my blog and other projects.


Are you achieving the grades you want?



Favourite subject to revise??



Q&A: Study Edition - HEBAH PERVAIZ



What kind of revision was most effective for you?

For me, it’s always been making notes (if you can’t tell already from my Instagram)! You probably think it’s boring but because I enjoy making them look good, I feel more motivated to learn from them. I also found doing past paper questions very useful. Top tip: Learn long-answer questions straight out of the mark scheme so you’ll save time on them in the exam, and know exactly what to write and which keywords to include. I recently uploaded a post on my Top Tips for GCSE Success which might help you a bit more.


How do you not procrastinate?

It’d be dishonest of me to claim that I don’t procrastinate because I do, probably just as much as you! However I usually find that having something to look forward to at the end of the evening encourages me to work. And being aware of the fact that if I get stuff down now, I can relax later.


How do you get motivated to study?

This is similar to the question above and again, I’m not motivated all of the time, so I try to study when I’m feeling super energised. However I have always enjoyed learning (yes… you heard me) so finding motivation has never been a huge problem for me. At A Level especially, I find that I rarely have to force myself to work because I genuinely enjoy the subjects I do! At GCSE, what really kept me going was visualising getting the grades I really wanted. I also kept telling myself that I’d put so much work in that it would be a waste to give up.


What were your main techniques in retaining the information?

Going over topics again, and again, and again. I revise each topic as we complete it in class (to stop work building up) and work on my weaknesses until I know everything inside out. This means that when I revise before a test, it’s sort of my second time revising it? If you haven’t yet, you should check out this post in which I talk more about my techniques.


How much extra stuff do you do? e.g. things you can mention in your CV and UCAS/personal statement.

At the moment, not a huge amount! I did four work placements last year, took part in a summer course and a few competitions and I’m really hoping to do more of that this year. Outside of school, I’m working on an online course and a programming project but that’s mostly just for my own benefit. I did volunteer for around six months last year as well, but right now I’m just focussing on my blog and sixth form.


How do you find the right balance between revision and down time?

By making sure that when I am working, it’s purely just focused work with no distractions. This means I get my work done quicker and can spend the rest of my time relaxing. I used to revise at the same time as texting my friends and watching YouTube and it felt like hours would pass by and I’d get nothing done! Don’t waste your time like that otherwise it feels like you spent the whole day working. I know many of you will probably find this weird, but I like to get all my work out of the way on Friday so I can have the weekend to focus on everything else.




What uni do you want to go to?

At the moment, Birmingham.


Any ideas on what you want to study at uni?

Computer Science… but again, that might change.


What job do you want to do?

I know I’d like to work in tech, but I’m not sure what job I’d like to do exactly. Maybe a data analyst? Or a software engineer? I’m not quite decided yet.


I hope those of you who asked questions are satisfied with my answers! If any of you have any more questions, then please do message me on Instagram or Twitter and I’d be more than happy to help. If you’d rather do it anonymously, then leave your question here and I’ll try my best to respond on my Instagram story.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. This is a great post. I’m a fair bit past the GCSE stage now but I reckon this would have been really useful when I was doing them! I admire your motivation and dedication, there’s no way I’d have been able to put in as much work as you have!

  2. I loved reading this post 🙂 I can’t believe how many GCSEs you did and you did amazing on them; I’m sure it will be no different to your A Levels 🙂 Good luck 😀

  3. Wow you are amazing with all your grades and everything and I know you might not think it because we all have different standards and expectations or ourselves but still getting an A is amazing in textiles and trying your best is the most important thing! I loved this post! X

    1. I see how it may have sounded like I was complaining but I am still pleased with it, I just knew it was the worst out of all of them! Thank you so much for your kindness Eden, you’re always so sweet Xx

  4. I enjoyed reading this!

    I really need to find the motivation to start up revising again and get in the habit of writing up notes from my lectures as soon after as I can.

    Sophie’s Spot

  5. Just thought I’d let you know that I really enjoyed reading this! If I was going through GCSE’s and ALevels I would have found this so helpful! 💖

  6. Even though my gcse’s we’re so long ago I remember them so well! You did really well & wish you all the luck with your future plans too 😘 English language was my favourite

  7. This is such a good post, I wish I’d had something like this to read when I was studying! Employers expect lower grades from arts as the are more subjective its harder to do well and they take sooo much time! I got my lower grades on arts subjects but I wouldnt change them as they show a well rounded individual! Congrats on your fab grades and best of luck with your current studies lovely!!

    Emily x

  8. We are taking very similar subjects!! I have serious note envy, mine never turn out looking like I want them to! Best of luck with your A-levels xx

  9. Wow Hebah, what an informative and fabulous post! Just had a quick stalk through your instagram and your notes are on point! My friend goes to Birmingham and has a few friends doing Computer Science and says it’s an amazing place to study. All the best with your a Levels, looks like you’re going to smash it! X

  10. Great post, Hebah. This was very informative. It is so inspiring to see you study and maintain great grades and still run an awesome blog. You are to be commended for that.

    1. Aah, really?! Maths is so much more logical though… I find it so much easier to learn than learning facts and experiments like you have to do in bio and chem! Thanks for reading! Xxx

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