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*The products featured in this post were sent to me for review by Feel Good Contacts. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

If you know me, you’ll know that I’ve been wanting to try out coloured contact lenses for a long time. For a number of reasons though, I was very hesitant about it. My main concern was whether they’d be comfortable enough for me to wear (as I’ve got a high prescription) whilst being high-quality. Feel Good Contacts kindly sent me some to try out… and I’m so glad that they did because I now know where I’ll be buying my contact lenses from in the future!

air optic coloured contact lens packaging with solution and eydrops

The lenses were sent to me in a package with some extra gifted items, including solution, case and eyedrops! What’s more, they were packaged beautifully – a great first impression and certainly a nice change to my usual contact lens packaging. In fact the packaging was so stunning that I’m not even joking when I say I was reluctant to open it up… but I did, eventually. I’m sure most of you will have gathered that the standard packaging for customers would be less fancy – imagine if they did this for each one! – but I thought I’d clarify as I don’t want to disappoint any of you. Anyhow the packaging is really the least important part, so let’s move on to what matters…

flatlay contact lens case solution and packaged coloured contact lenses

The contacts that I opted for were the Air Optix Colors in sterling grey. Much to my surprise, they were really easy to put in and settled onto my eyeballs straightaway. And I was utterly taken aback by not only how clear my vision was through them, but also how bright and noticeable they were! See for yourself…

As I mentioned, I was worried that my high prescription would mean that the quality of the contacts would be compromised. Particularly as I have very dark eyes, I wasn’t expecting them to transform my eye-colour so significantly. But I was wrong; they were neither noticeably thick, nor overpowered by my dark eyes!

Before getting too excited though, I decided that I ought to keep them on for as long as I would wear my normal lenses. Typically, I wear them for an average of eight hours per day. The ultimate, and perhaps most important test… comfort. And I’m happy to say that they passed! With flying colours. Despite these not being perfectly fit to my eyes, I didn’t have any problems on the days I’ve worn them: no redness, no swelling, no tears, no lenses falling out… I must say that I could feel them in my eyes (which I don’t with my clear lenses because they’re obviously made-to-measure), but there wasn’t any prickliness or discomfort. I also received a number of compliments, which is always nice (although my friends found it a bit disconcerting!)

hebah pervaiz sterling grey coloured contacts air optix

As I mentioned, I chose to try these lenses in sterling grey, but Feel Good Contacts have a much bigger range of coloured lenses on offer that you can see here. I understand that some of you may find this shade perhaps a little unnatural so be sure to visit the website to check out the full collection. Sterling grey is a stunning blend of blue and grey, and it (thankfully!) compliments my skin tone quite well which was a pleasant surprise. Even my brother said that that they looked good, and he never compliments me. Ever.

My eyes have a tendency to dry out easily, and I think this is mostly to do with the fact that I’ve been wearing contact lenses for a considerably long time now. I find using the eyedrops I was sent so soothing for my eyes, especially before bed. Eyedrops come in varying consistencies, and these are the intensive ones which I absolutely love. They really help reduce the dryness, and help me feel relaxed after a long day of tiring my eyes out. These do not come with the contact lenses, so you’d have to buy these (and the solution) separately but it’s worth checking out if your eyes have a tendency to dry out and/or you’re a contact lens wearer.

Hebah Pervaiz sterling grey coloured contact lenses with flash air optix feel good
With Flash



If you haven’t realised yet, I am really pleased with this product and I will certainly be buying from Feel Good Contacts again. The lenses surpassed my expectations in terms of comfort. My vision was almost spotless – I did get the occasional blur because of the imperfect fit but nothing too significant. The quality of the lenses is brilliant, and I think that’s evident in the photos. I hope that the other colours look just as great on dark eyes because I’d love to try them!

Feel Good Contacts also do a huge range of normal contact lenses, suited to various needs and prescriptions which you can see here.

More great news: if you want to try out any of the products from Feel Good Contacts, you can use FEELGOODTIME to get 10% off your first order.  Do let me know what you purchase if you do decide to try any of their products; I’d love to hear what you thought of them!

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  1. What an amazing review, I always wanted to try colored prescription lenses. I tried non prescription ones but didn’t like that I still had to wear my glasses. If I decide to give these a go I will absolutely let you know.

    1. Thank you Kris! Yes – that’s exactly how I feel about having to wear glasses on top of coloured lenses. You absolutely should; I would love to hear what you think!! I think they’d look fab on you. Xx

  2. You picked such a great color for you. I’ve been thinking about trying contacts as well, mostly for vision than color. But I think trying different lens colors sounds like fun too.

    1. Thank you so much! Wow, really?! I think it must be the fact that the people I know aren’t used to it which is why they find it so unsettling hahahah.

  3. They look amazing on you! I’d love to try coloured contact lenses (once I’ve gotten round to trying regular ones first!), and this post has made me feel like it really could be something good and fun to try out.

  4. Omg, these lenses look so good on you! I have tried colored lenses in the past but honestly they just were not comfortable AT ALL and looked a bit fake so I gave up! I will check these ones out although I’m not sure which shade id go for! 😅💕

    1. Thank you so much Huda!! Oh no, that’s a real shame. I guess it depends on how natural you want them to look (maybe try hazel/honey for a more natural look?) but it’s definitely worth checking out. Xx

  5. Great review. I really think that you look amazing with the color eyes and this looks like a product i will recommend your blog to people looking to try contacts.

  6. The contacts look so great and nice on you . It so much fits into your eye colour that I could not tell the difference. 🌸🌸🌸🌸

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! I have always loved when I was able to wear blue contacts and these ones sound like a lot better quality than the ones I once owned.

  8. The contact colours look beautiful on you! I wear glasses but not contacts (as I don’t need them all the time) but if I ever do decide on contacts I’ll look here!
    Best wishes, Gee x

  9. Great review Hebah! These lenses are looking beautiful on you. I have been wanting to try contact lenses for so long. But it is difficult to find one that is prescription as well as colored. I want to try these. I hope I get to try these. 🙂

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