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Happy first of March! I am struggling to believe it’s March already, though I’m looking forward to spring. In fact I’ve already put together a bucket list of things I want to do… The subject of today’s post, however, is makeup! Around about a month ago, I was sent my very first VoxBox complimentary of Influenster. This is the Rimmel Urban Affair box, which contained a selection of nail varnishes and lip glosses. This is a review of the Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks, which I was very excited to try.

stay matte liquid lipsticks

The three colours I received were Urban Affair (dark red), Fatal Kiss (light brown/nude ) and Damn Hot (purpley black).

All of these lip sticks are matte, which is what I generally prefer to wear. The shades themselves are beautiful – again, colours that are right up my street. I did notice that the actual colours are slightly different to the colour of the tubes – the one that appears black actually dries to be purple. The applicator has a slight curved edge making it easy to apply, though the individual tubes don’t have that thing inside that some lip products do to remove any excess. Though the smell isn’t particularly pleasant, it doesn’t smell too chemical-ly either.

Damn Hot stay matte liquid lipsticks

I did like the colour of the lipsticks as soon as it dried – which was very quickly! And it definitely was matte. I find that some of these products claim to be matte but don’t turn out to be, and this wasn’t one of those. It was, however, perhaps a bit too matte… because it soon started to tighten around my lips and began to crack. It may not be so apparent in these photos but it didn’t look great up close. All three of these products started to set in the lines in my lips (not flattering at all!) and dried them out very quickly. I also found that it started to crumble pretty soon, making my lips look patchy and uneven.

In the photo below, I’m wearing Urban Affair with Fatal Kiss on my inner lips. I found that Fatal Kiss did not suit me by itself because it’s a similar shade to my skin and completely washed me out. It’s possible that it could work on some people depending on their skin tone, but it looked too much like concealer on me. I tried to use it as a way to ‘contour’ my lips and create an ombre kind-of effect.

Urban Affair stay matte liquid lipsticks

One good thing though is that the lipsticks are pretty transfer-proof! They took me a fair bit of time to remove – which is great if you are intending to wear them when going out, eating etc. Conversely though, they are also incredibly drying, which is a real shame as I did like two of the shades. I think they’d add a nice pop to any simple outfit, but unfortunately they just don’t work for me so I think I’d give this range a miss.

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!

19 Replies to “Stay Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review – Rimmel London

  1. Great review! I’m a huge fan of colorpop’s matte liquid lipsticks, taste has a great line of stay all day lipsticks and I just feel in love with Covergirl’s new matte line!!

    1. I really like the colour, but it is a shame that they are not the best quality. Nevertheless I would still like to try them. I’ve only ever tried Revlon and Sephora ones and always buy Rimmel when I need a cheapish lipstick for a night out!

  2. Ahh no will be avoiding these in the future then!! Such a shame they’re so drying, though you look AMAZING in a dark lip😍 I quite like the NYX ones, they’re quite a mousse-like texture! The best one I’ve tried is the two-faced melted ones, but they’re so expensive😞 fab review xx

    1. It really is! Aw, thank you so much!! The darker ones are a bit out of my comfort zone though, if I’m honest! And I’ve heard such great things about the NYX ones; I MUST try them soon! xxx

    1. I actually received these for review, but I would have been very disappointed if I had paid for them! 🙂 Hopefully this review will help others judge whether they want to buy them. x

  3. I actually don’t like liquid lipsticks for this very reason! I feel like they make my lips look really dry and chapped – I much prefer just a regular ol’ lip gloss. 🙈I’ll definitely be steering clear of these.

  4. The colours look great on you hun, I felt the exact same way about the Lime Crime liquid lipsticks, they were just too dry and just looked horrible up close on me :s

    At least you could always find a dupe of these colours from a different brand! X

  5. That is my issue with matte lipstick they are just so drying but it looks great on you though. My lips already get dry during winter I tend to avoid matte lipsticks during that season.

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