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You have probably noticed wireless chargers rising in popularity over the last few years – in fact, you may even have one yourself! Though I’ve been keen to, I have not tried wireless chargers myself in the past out of concern that they’d be a lot slower than wired chargers. So you can understand why I was super interested to test this one, which was kindly sent to me by Purfect Soluxions.

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The i-Star Wireless Charger allows for fast charging for compatible devices and standard wireless charging for other Qi compatible devices – which includes my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You can easily find out whether your device supports fast charge online through a quick search. As you can tell from the photo above, the charger is essentially a slim, very sleek pad with non-slip pads on the back which means you can keep it on your desk without it sliding around. The charging pad also comes with a 1m long charging cable, which is perfect for big desks.

It’s so simple to use that it doesn’t really require any explaining! Simply connect the charging pad to an adapter and it will flash a bright blue. To charge your device, all you do is place the device on the centre of the pad. The blue LEDs will glow to indicate that your phone is charging, but this is fairly dim to ensure that it is not distracting. And perhaps the most crucial point to address here is safety, which I know there’s some scepticism about when it comes to wireless chargers. However, the i-Star Wireless Charger has in-built protection which means that it has mechanisms in place to deal with over-charging and high temperatures.

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What I love about this charger is how compact it is  – it takes up hardly any space but has a clean, professional matte finish which adds a nice touch to your desk. Though it does heat up my phone more than it would if I were to charge it using a cable, this isn’t especially significant as the charging pad is designed in a way that enables it to dissipate heat effectively. I also think the convenience of being able to just drop your phone onto the pad whenever it needs to be charged more than makes up for the slight heating! My mobile phone has a slightly damaged charging port, so it takes me a while to get the charger in exactly the right position for it to charge. You can understand how using this has made my life so much easier! It’s also great that I can continue to use this when I do decide to upgrade my phone to a newer one, because I’ll then be able to utilise the fast-charging facilities – exciting!

If you are interested in getting your hands on one of these (and making your life easier too!), you can find out more by clicking here – and it’s only half its original price at the moment! I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do.


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iStar Qi Wireless Charger


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    1. Yes, I did keep my case on! I know you can’t charge without taking your phone case off with some wireless chargers which is such a pain – it’s a super useful feature to have! x

  1. Ooh I keep on looking into these!! My charging port is slightly broken as well, so this sounds like it could be v useful!! Fab review as usual xxx

  2. I’ve never tried a wireless charger, but I will admit the fact that it makes the phone heat up does concern me a little. Really appreciate your review Hebah 🙂 xx

    1. Definitely a slight drawback, I agree but I do think the handiness makes up for that! (And the fact that my charging port is broken sooo this is so much better than getting it fixed hahahah) xx

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