How I Edit My Photos: The BEST Apps, Tips & Tricks!

I remember how intimidated I used to be by the prospect of editing photos, and worrying about whether or not they’d fit my ‘Instagram theme’. Back when I was new to blogging, I used to scour Pinterest for presets and photo-editing tutorials, and despairing when they didn’t work for me. And now I realise that there isn’t one style that you can apply onto every photo and that will make it look great. A lot of it is down to the look you’re going for, the style of the photo you’ve taken and the desired mood. What I can do, however, is share with you some of the apps I use and how I like to edit my photos for my Instagram feed and blog, sharing with you some of the best tricks I’ve learnt along the way!



I’m sure many of you use VSCO (or a similar app) but it’s definitely one worth mentioning. There are so many presets that are available for free. I’ve used HB2 a lot in the past – it really helps to obtain a rich, dark look and sometimes adds a moody element to your photo. Another thing I love about VSCO is that it lets you copy presets across multiple photos so you don’t have to manually edit the settings for each photo! It saves you so much time.

More recently, however, I’ve been enjoying using the individual tools VSCO offers for photo-editing. As I say, sometimes a filter won’t be enough to make your photos look consistent, and altering the exposure, warmth, saturation etc. can work really well.


Touch Retouch

Someone on Twitter mentioned this app to me – and boy am I glad they did! Though you do have to pay a small price for it, this is hands-down the best app I have come across for removing objects from photos. Often I’ll take photos and only realise notice crumbs.. or hair in the photo afterwards. This saves you the time of retaking your photos – simply highlight the object you want to get rid of and you’re done! It works like magic. Take a look for yourself.



I know this app is designed with tools which are supposed to be used on photos of people… but I find it more useful (and have only ever used it) for objects! The whitening feature which is meant for teeth is absolutely PERFECT for white backgrounds which don’t quite look white in your photos because of the lighting. I’ve used this countless times for revision notes and white backgrounds in flatlays and cannot fault it. Other tools I use regularly are the defocus tool (which I’ve used in the photo of the afternoon tea below) and the ‘Details’ tool which is brilliant for emphasising specific parts of the photo. Though I don’t use the filters as much, it has a really handy feature that allows you to apply filters on certain areas, which is great when you’ve got too much light in some areas and shadow in other areas. I very recommend this app.


Do you use any of these apps? If not, let me know in the comments what your favourite photo-editing apps are – I’m always looking to try new ones! I’ve done another post in the past about my favourite apps for blogging in general, which you can read right here: 5 Blogging Apps You NEED.

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  1. I also use Pixlr for a lot of my art photos! The app is really good but the web version (both free) is pretty much photoshop!

  2. I used to use Pixlr, but honestly I find VSCO to be so much more easier to work with (and generally more aesthetically pleasing). I’ve never heard of some of these apps, might give them a go, thank you for this post! xx

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