Should You Think Twice Before Showing Off Your Successes?

I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking at the title and you’re wondering what could possibly have possessed me to write this post. And you’re wondering how on earth I’m going to justify showing off your successes. (Or maybe you just clicked on this post because you’re curious, or perhaps you fancied a quick read. Whatever the case, read on! – because I am very very interested to hear all of your opinions on this subject!)

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Now, I’m all for people celebrating their successes on social media. I love scrolling through my timeline and seeing people achieving their goals, whatever that may be, from achieving their monthly target for views on their blog, or getting into their first-choice university, or gathering the courage to go to a social event. However, I’ve seen a few individuals speak up about how people should think twice before sharing these kinds of things on social media, purely because they can make others feel undervalued or unsuccessful.

I admit that I do occasionally share my achievements on my Twitter (as I’m sure many of you know) and I hadn’t really considered that this could be harmful in any way. And this really made me reflect a little on whether it is ever okay to share your successes with the world.

From my perspective , I (and most people that I can think of who I’ve seen share their proudest moments online) don’t intend to make others feel devalued or discouraged. I fully understand though that this in itself doesn’t stop people from feeling bad about themselves – but it goes deeper than that.

When I share my successes, it’s because I am proud of them, and have worked hard to achieve them. More than often, I’ll have shared with you guys my journey and my feelings throughout the process – whatever it may be – and so I feel it’s right to share the outcome with you all, who’ve almost gone on the journey with me (cringey, I know, but it’s true!)

I understand that’s quite specific to me, but others who share their successes may not have anybody else to share them with. Quite honestly, I personally think suggesting people abstain from celebrating online seems a bit harsh. Yes, you should absolutely only work towards a goal for your own satisfaction and not for the satisfaction you will get from sharing it with others, because that will never make you happy. And some joys are definitely better kept private – but that’s a decision for each individual to make for themselves. But sometimes – just sometimes – it’s nice to own your accomplishments and be proud of them and maybe get a little bit of recognition for that.

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To me, having to think twice about sharing your feelings when you’re happy kind of… dampens the joy?! I do understand that being in an environment in which all you see is people *apparently* succeeding in life can be damaging. Particularly when you don’t seem to be making ‘any progress’ with your own goals, this can be disheartening. This is why I try my absolute best to keep it real (maybe a bit too real) on my social media, where I share my (countless) failures and daily struggles along with some of my proudest moments. Social media can be an an overwhelmingly perfect place, but it’s so important to bear in mind that it is a highlights reel, as Beth Sandland so elegantly puts it. You truly cannot judge how happy a person is through social media.

What do you all think? Should we think twice before sharing our successes online – and have you ever been discouraged by others’ successes?! Do creators owe it to their audiences to share the bad with the good? Something that’s been on my mind for a while, but I’ve only got around to typing this up today. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Honestly, I think sharing your successes and accomplishments is really important. As someone with very little confidence and self-esteem, small praises from other people can really help me and give me that extra push to continue trying to succeed. It’s important to also share failures and to not get too close to ‘boasting’ though… I think that’s when people start to feel disheartened finding out about others successes.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. I think this can sometimes be a catch 22. If you have worked hard for something, what’s the matter with sharing that achievement? Throughout our lives we will all achieve something that we are proud of and there is nothing wrong with saying that you are proud of yourself. However, like you mentioned, sometimes others get down on themselves because they haven’t achieved such a thing. But –as harsh as it sounds– is that really your problem? I admit, sometimes I get down on myself when I see others achieving things, but I know that my achievements won’t be far behind.

    Great post! x


  3. I almost think that this goes deeper. It’s always said that people just show the best bits of their life online, just like you said. So if there’s criticism for not keeping it real, then surely we should endeavour to show all sides – be it the highs and the lows. I feel like within that, it includes achievements.

    Of course, there are ways to talk about them, and also, ways that we should avoid – but I’m not sure taking them off entirely is any way to make social media more real.

    Loving your thoughts on this though! x

  4. I think you should be proud of your achievements and not be afraid to share them. There is always someone who will make a negative comment about sharing them but at the end of the day it’s how you feel. 🙂

  5. This is a really interesting subject and I can totally see both sides. I’m my own biggest critic so I can sometimes get in my own head if I see someone else achieve something incredible when I’m twiddling my thumbs wondering why I can’t get that. But at the same time, I’d never in a million years feel negatively towards the person posting it. That’s my issue, not theirs. On a personal level, and this doesn’t work for every situation, I try to publicly celebrate with as little information as possible. For example, I posted every day last month and saw a big increase in traffic because of it. In the final post of the month I thanked people for their support and said I’d surpassed my previous best month ever by 1500 views without saying how many views I’d had in total. I wouldn’t want anyone to compare the total number but I still wanted to celebrate with the people who gave me them? But no, you shouldn’t feel bad about sharing your victory, especially if you worked hard for it! x


    1. Yes – and at times it’s so easy to forget that you aren’t superhuman and cannot possibly do absolutely everything! I think the issue of feeling negatively towards someone because of their success likely stems from insecurity, and it’s a real shame. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion Sophie – and that example is a really good way to put it. You can be considerate of other people’s feelings without completely cutting yourself off from sharing your achievements!

  6. I’d say its totally fine to show of your achievements. Rather I’d say have a group where you can talk about them. Openly in public might not be a good idea unless its something openly visible. Leave some inside things inside. That’s what iveI learnt so far, because at times more than supporters there are people who would be more ready enough to pull you down.

  7. This is a really interesting post, I would think that sharing your success and achievements is really important, but I’ve also found that some people are jealous of other people’s success. There’s a lot of shade, especially on Twitter posting indirect tweets which is unfair. However, sometimes I can see why some people can get jealous, especially if you’re having a particularly bad day and you see other people getting great brand deals when your blogs seems to be stuck in limbo. Overall though, I think everyone should celebrate and be proud of each other’s successes!

    Carly xx //

  8. I’ve never really thought about this, I liked giving it a thought though. Like you I like to share my successes on twitter, I do it without a second thought honestly. Though in real life I feel like others just don’t get it. Where as on twitter I find my friends are genuinely happy for me and know how much it means. Excellent post!

  9. I personally think sharing your successes is important! You should be proud and theres nothing wrong with doing so. As long as you’re not purposely trying to hurt or put someone down, then theres nothing wrong with it.

  10. I can totally relate to what you are feeling. Its not that I’m afraid of social media but sometimes I feel happy and contented even if I don’t share my success to my friends on social media. But it’s totally fine to share your achievements and successes, because there’s nothing wrong about it. Be Proud Of it!

  11. I think it is fine to share successes. I think people need to know that what they see online is often less than half of the real picture. So, feel free to share, document your life.

  12. I like that you mention social media as a highlights reel… I’ve never been a big participant on social media, except now for our business we really have to be. Keep being confident in who you are and your successes – keep sharing!!

  13. There is nothing wrong about posting about your achievements in life as long as you word them properly. I do that too and try not to include silly hashtags like #blessed (lol). Also, sharing is okay as long as you don’t “over share”.

  14. I think that sharing your success/accomplishment can be a really good thing as long as you have good supportive people around you. I do agree that sharing your success through social media isn’t always the best outlet because you might not always get the best response about something that you’re really excited about. I think that as long as you have good people in your corner then you should be fine.

  15. You are entitled to show off your sucesses .You are not intentionally trying to make others feel badly . That is all at them . I think people nowadays are two overly sensitive . Keep celebrating your sucesses . It will do nothing but inspire others in my opinion .

  16. It’s your social media, share what you want! You shouldn’t have to NOT share something you’re proud of for the fear that someone else might feel bad. I’m all for celebrating ourselves; we need to be our own number 1 fan xxx

  17. For you especially Hebah I think it is absolutely fine because there is a balance. You share your best moments but you also highlight your struggles and you provide your readers with tips along the way. What bothers me is the photoshopped bodies that set unrealistic expectations for people already struggling with body related issues.

    1. I try my best! I agree that the excessive photo-editing can be so damaging to people’s self-confidence, especially younger children. I feel like it’s gradually getting better though – let’s hope it continues.

  18. I love seeing other people’s successes online. It’s so awesome to see people so happy when they’ve achieved something that’s meaning to them. We have to hype ourselves up and love and be proud of ourselves as much as we can! This is a really interesting topic and great post to read

    Lon x

  19. Personally, I think it’s great to share your own achievements and I love seeing other people around me do well – it’s so motivating! ☺

    The way that I see it, if there is someone that views the success of others as harmful, then that says about the type of person that they are. People with this kind of mentality need to focus on themselves, their insecurities, motivation etc. It’s not really your problem.

    I’d love to see everyone winning 😀

    1. I completely agree with you! You are right that anyone who feels threatened by others’ happiness is probably insecure. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  20. I think it’s so great to share whatever makes you happy! We need to all appreciate each other and cheer when your friends/family win! I also think it’s so important to keep it real too though – no success comes without failure!

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