bakerdays Letterbox Cake Review | A Level Results Day

The products featured in this post were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Not long ago, I was approached by bakerdays about trying out one of their letterbox cakes. With my brother’s A level results day approaching, I decided that this would be a fun way to surprise him – and a perfect occasion to get creative!

bakerdays have a huge variety of pre-designed cakes for different occasions which you can view on their website. To my pleasant surprise, they already had a selection of Exam Results and Graduation cakes. After choosing a design, I emailed them with details about some slight alterations I needed made, as well as the photo that I wanted it personalised with. They were very accommodating to my requirements and were very friendly (and quick!) with communication which is always a huge plus.

As is apparent from the name, these letterbox cakes fit through your letterbox making them perfect to send as gifts. I mean I love cards and letters and all, but imagine receiving a cake through your letterbox?! That for me would be the best surprise. I must admit I was a bit wary about the cake being damaged but I received it in perfect condition… and it was so beautifully packaged!

yellow flowers with bakerdays letterbox cake

The tin inside the box helped to keep the cake fresh and the design intact. The cake was also sent with a list of ingredients which is especially useful if you’re sending it as a gift to put the receiver’s mind at ease.

yellow flowers with bakerdays letterbox cake and card

It might just be me who always makes a mess trying to remove cakes from boxes but the way this was packaged made it so easy! The cake itself was quite small (as you would expect) but the design was clear and vibrant. I had chosen a lemon drizzle sponge which was a little dry but I would say it tasted pretty good considering it is designed to last for a couple of weeks. It had a distinct lemony layer at the bottom which was particularly refreshing – I only wish there had been more of it! Personally I don’t think anything beats fresh, warm lemon drizzle but I think this makes a brilliant surprise gift and would definitely put a smile on someone’s face.

yellow flowers with personalised bakerdays letterbox cake


The cake costs £14.99 which I think is a very reasonable price, considering it has to personalised and so carefully packaged. I especially love the concept of a letterbox cake and will definitely be surprising my friends with these in the near future! I’ve been browsing through bakerdays’ website and they even have the option to send candles and helium balloons with their cakes?! I’d love to hear whether any of you have tried anything similar in the past, and your own experiences.

I filmed my brother’s reaction to his A Level results for my YouTube channel (as well as him trying the cake) which I’ll link here if any of you want to see it…

Thank you all for reading – and a big thank you to bakerdays for the opportunity! I am looking forward to trying more flavours.

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  1. What a great idea – who doesn’t love presents and cake and even better there’s no leaving it in a weird place or having to collect from the sorting office. Congratulations to your brother!

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