Summer 2018 Diary: Summer Schools, Holidays and Work Experience

Wow. What an incredible summer it has been. I’ve got to know so many amazing individuals, learnt more than I ever expected to. I have visited new places and have had some experiences I will never forget.

Though I’m sure some of you know already, I recently started a YouTube channel. This doesn’t mean that I’ll be abandoning this blog – I will always love writing – but I feel as if some things are better expressed through video. Just like my blog, my channel will feature study-related videos alongside more general lifestyle/ travel content so if you’d be interested in seeing that sort of thing, please do subscribe. I don’t think I say this enough but I’m very grateful for all of your support.

Rather than write a lengthy post about my summer because let’s face it, no-one really wants to read that, I thought I’d compile some of my highlights – more for me to look back at than anything else. Let me know about your most enjoyable experience this summer; I love hearing about what everyone else has got up to!


UNIQ Summer School

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter: I AM SORRY, I’ll stop speaking about UNIQ soon. Maybe. But  it truly was an amazing week and a course I feel so lucky to have been on! Not only was it fun, it’s left me feeling much more sure about my goals in terms of higher education and careers. If you are reading this and are in Year 12, I very strongly recommend you look into this.


EY Business Academy

I spent the following week working within Assurance at EY in Birmingham. I worked across multiple client projects and gained a much more comprehensive understanding of what different service lines – especially auditing -really involve. Commuting every day and being able to get involved in actual client work really helped me get a feel for what it would be like to work at a professional services firm. The photo below is from our meal at the end of the week.



And that same weekend, I flew to Milan with my family where we spent a week holidaying. This was my first time visiting Italy and I was genuinely astounded by how beautiful it is. Also by how good their gelato is… wow.


Cambridge Sutton Trust Summer School

By this point I was seriously considering not bothering to unpack… But I forced myself to do it, don’t worry guys. I spent a week at the University of Cambridge (at Fitzwilliam College) on another computer science summer school. If I’m honest, I was afraid of it being repetitive but we explored entirely different areas within the subject, with a different approach. I especially enjoyed looking at algorithm design and how methods specific to problems can be employed to make them easier to solve. We were also set a problem sheet to complete and got to experience a supervision which was definitely one of my highlights. I didn’t film enough of this to make a video out of it but I’ve posted lots of photos on my Instagram… if you’re interested.



And then I finally had a week off to rest. Well, I say rest – but I had to get started with my computing coursework and do my personal statement. I also had so many outstanding emails to respond to and reviews to complete but it was still nice being able to sleep in instead of getting up at 6 every day… I wrote to my penpal in collaboration with Viking for World Letter Writing Day which I talk about in my recent post about my love for writing. It was also A Level Results Day! Though I didn’t to AS exams myself, my brother just finished Year 13 so of course I capitalised on this (just kidding) by filming his live reaction to his A Level Results (below). I also collaborated with bakerdays on a personalised letterbox cake – probably one of my favourite reviews I have done to date.


New York!!

After a week of rest, it was time for us to head off to New York. This was my first time visiting with my family – and it was incredible. I bought a new camera the week before so I had lots of fun learning how to use it in the most beautiful settings. Shoutout to everyone who sent me recommendations of places to visit – especially Sophie. As much as I enjoyed Italy, New York had an entirely different vibe: so busy and exciting with so many things to do – I loved it. Here are some photos from my time there…


Goodbye summer. 🙁

I write this with 2 days of summer (and lots of school work) remaining. Right now, I’m struggling to wake up before 12pm or sleep before 5am which I partly blame on jet-lag so on one hand, I’m looking forward to the routine that sixth form forces into my life. I’m also very conscious of the huge amounts of work (and time!) that will have to go into the following months and Year 13 in general so I’m not sure how often I will be posting. I am aiming at one blog post or YouTube upload a week and you should still see me around on my social media… so be sure to follow me there, I guess?


If you’re going back to school or college this week, good luck! I made a video recently about my Year 12 experience and another about my advice for new Year 11s which might help some of you. Also please keep sending me ideas for videos I should film; I so much prefer making content that you all find useful. And if you have any questions about any of these summer schools, feel free to DM me. 🙂

I hope all of you have a stress-free September, and I shall see you soon.


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